One of my natural strengths is Empathy and this is the force that drives me to design something that is



More than just beautiful things my goal is to make things that last and are functional using design thinking to bring solutions. 

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Greta App was born as a homage to the Swedish activist with the same name in order to unite and connect people from all walks of life that are concerned with the environment. The purpose of this App is to educate, connect and bring awareness about the cause.

Welcome to 'Greta App'

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The Concept for this App and Restaurant started from Branding Logo wireframes and Prototype

The idea behind is a Restaurant or people can experience the flavours of the world from their chair.

Welcome to 'Assedstoi'

Art Expose Intro of Logo and Branding 2.


This prototype was to create a Store of some sort.

I decided to create 'Art Expose'. Where arts and entertainment

meet Apparel.

Customized shirts for music

and art lovers.

Welcome to 'Art expose'

E-commerce Store 

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