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Creative Direction and Video Work

Client's Needs:

Mackenzie Valley Review Board hired our company to create booklets to explain  the stages in the environmental impact assessment process in the Mackenzie Valley.


Deliverable of 2 Booklets and production of 2 animated Videos with subtitles in 7 different languages each (English, French, Dene, North Slavey, Chipewyan, Gwich'in and Tlicho).

My role: Creative Director of the  the Booklet Process as well as

                    Video editor to add 14 Voice Overs and subtitles to the educational videos.

Creative Direction: Nadia Otake

Booklets Illustration: Ksenia Nigmanova

Voice Overs and Subtitles: Nadia Otake

Company: Kellett Communications

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MVE-Magazine-Mockup Booklet 2.jpg
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