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A creative block gone right ; )

A passion project ironically born out of the lack of ideas.  Welcome!


I was in a state of boredom and creative block one day and began to move my hand with

a pencil back and forth trying to come up with something.

Then all of a sudden this concept came up, I grabbed my phone took a photo and this first concept was born.

Letter S

After that I was inspired to keep going and started thinking on what else to do with that letter

Found an old photo I took from Ottawa downtown and created Letter A. 

Loved the ideas of collage and went hunting for old photos of sculptures I had.

I Tile for IG Sketch.jpg
D Tile for IG copy.jpg
A Tile for IG Sketch.jpg


And this is the final result of this random creative brain outlet. 

Mockup 3.jpg
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